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We have years of 10+ years of experience across many trading products. Signals are written in discord so you can enter and profit with the team.


Our strategies are simple to understand and easy to teach. Our years of knowledge will be available to you and easy to take advantage of.


Let’s face it… other trading chats are just ripping you off. They charge huge monthly fees, just to help you lose in the market.

With us you’ll save & make money every single day.

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unrivaled experience

Our admins have over 15 years of trading experience between them.

We won’t let you fail along this journey. Follow our lead for success!


A proven profitable system

Our trade signals and watchlists come from a proven system that is guaranteed to be profitable in the long term.


Perfect risk management tactics

You will not blow your trading account with us. We teach you how to manage risk and trade profitably in the process.


Our promise

Start with us for 1 month, and you will change the way you see money, jobs, and the world around you. Turn yourself into an ATM machine.
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You are guaranteed to make financial progress and learn as a result of being around professional, profitable traders. We have a community at your disposal to learn new things, and teach you how to make money in the market.


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Members Reviews

Just joined a few minutes ago but the interaction and willingness to help already shows to be second to none. Time to grow


Bros I've learned a lot from the beginners ebook and just even the chat has been helpful. Once I'm on the road I'll be tappin in to premium.


If you're sleeping on the E-book for ANY reason, you're wrong. Good info. Quick read. GREAT PLACE TO START. If you're sleeping on the E-book for ANY reason, you're wrong. Good info. Quick read. GREAT PLACE TO START. Get the E-book. Invest in yourself. This server is a great community to surround yourself with like-minded people. If you don't believe me, or any of the other members writing testimonials, go find out for yourself. .


I only joined yesterday and I've seen how these are real people trying to better others and that's a great thing to see.


The admins are very helpful and willing to listen to your situation. For example, yesterday I had a bad red day and was losing a little self confidence in myself. I got some good advice to keep my head up and how to move forward from that. Also yesterday, I asked for some live trade recaps/recordings to help me learn the execution better and today I received exactly what I requested. These guys are legitimately putting time and effort into seeing me get better. I truly appreciate the help that you've providedAm . I cant wait until i get more capital and am able to do this full time


Hang with millionaires, learn from millionaires, and before u know it, the M's will hit the bank, and I've been here since beginning of discord was founded , been seeing @Blue - Admin make thousands EVERY SINGLE DAY, just gotta learn from one of best TO BE the best". Great educational content, discord, and you can go a long way, also with many more analysts! Trading all kinds of markets!


As some one who used to not know anything about stocks are trading joining this chat was the best thing to happen because I made a good amount of gains that I was able to pay for my flight school now I am a pilot !!!!


Let me say this, I'm a beginner and with the help and knowledge of @Blue - Admin @Plutus - Moderator from 6-1 to 6-15 I'm up $2400 and some change, never thought I could do that but listening and learning and they make it easy! Well worth going premium and only spent an hr or 2 max a day.


Don't sleep these dudes are well rounded in the game and simplify things to enable a true beginner like myself to learn at your own pace!!! To be honest you cannot pay them enough for the time effort and patience it takes to pass a skill this valuable to the masses. Don't sleep get in where you fit in


Trader/investor of 10 years here. Signed up for a single month out of curiosity. Here are my findings. The value is there, the admins do actually know their shit about the market and will provide useful insight that CAN be used to earn good money on the market. They are not handfeeding, and you (as always) should still use your own judgement to make your trades. Their watchlist is quite accurate, and their signals express an acute understanding of the market and current events. They also provide upsides as well as downsides. Overall, this style of day-trading is not what I specialize in, but I believe Blue and Plutus are interested in helping people make money.


Small trades on AMD, Al & U today. I couldn't do this without @Blue - Admin & @Plutus - Moderator fr. This shit is the real deal. Tf are you waiting for?!


I have never been part of a more professional yet affordable Discord group. You will realize how lucky you were to find this group within the first week of joining premium. So far, I have been nothing but satisfied. They respond to questions so fast and genuinely want you to gain knowledge. They want you to comprehend why they provide you with these signals, so that you can turn it into a career. What you are paying for is the signals, and they work really well, it may take some time and practice to nock them down yourself, but you really get so much more just from talking and being in the chat with @Blue - Admin and @Plutus - Moderator.

Matt Milk

Brand new to trading, searched and searched for some type of mentorship and came across @Blue - Admin & this discord. Was still super skeptical still to join premium & didnt take long to know its definitely worth it, Do not sleep if youre serious for change. All questions have been answered to best ability by this great community and even Faceless himself! Opportunity is knocking on your door, lets escape the 9-5!!


Ayo to any of you debating on buying the premium don't sleep on it I'm only here a day and I'm telling you now there's is so much information here everyone is so God damn helpful I can't even believe it, I got scammed before so I was very skeptical but this is 100% Hope to grow with all you guys I didn't want to spend the money on it, But then I realized I can be spending money on stupid worthless stuff or I can invest in something that will be worthy my money


holy shit


@Blue - Admin is the real deal guys. Don’t trip. Been in premium for a lil less than a month and it’s def up there in my personal finance decisions. A high income skill taught at a low risk price. Detaches your money making ability from your hours— and in my opinion as a biz owner myself, maybe quickest way to do it. If you have any amount of capital or if you’re even looking to test yourself with papermoney. Blue is the guy to do it. Real stuff right here and he’s a real one through and through


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